The Stormline…..or, my quick day trip

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Looking Southwest

Yesterday I desperately needed to “get outta Dodge.” Time outside of Prescott is necessary occasionally. Don’t get me wrong, I love this town. But you need to have a get away now and then.

After laundry was wrapped up (Sunday is my laundry day) the Versa was loaded up and I ran by Sadira’s house and we set off to Phoenix.  She needed a getaway day too, so we headed out together into the snow.  Yes, it was still snowing when we left Prescott.

As we made our way through Prescott Valley, Dewey, and Mayer, we were treated to some of the most amazing cloud formations.  The distant mountains were snow covered and draped in clouds.  It seemed to me the clouds were gathering on the mountains leaving the valleys open and exposed, with a random cloud here and there racing to cover the mountains as well.

Dropping down to “the Valley” (Phoenix) we were treated to different clouds.  Giant, puffy, cotton candy clouds.  Phoenix was not getting the storm we were in Prescott.  Instead, a beautiful day with the perfect sky.

As usual, the first stop was the Mac Store.  What can I tell you, I’m a creature of habit.  And no, I didn’t head down to buy anything, just to have a getaway for the day.  Of course, I did end up buying one thing.  The new “Digital Field Guide” for the 5D Mark II.  Months ago I bought another book as the field guide still wasn’t available, but the book was not as good as the series I’ve grown so fond of.  When I went into Borders Books and found it I knew I should get it.  A whole whopping $20!

Looking North / North West

We drove around Phoenix for a little while.  I forgot the GPS, and we were looking for Whole Foods Market.  Amazingly enough we did zero in on the place.  We also found the REI!  Wow, navigating without technology and finding a place….who would have known?

With our quick trip down wrapped up, the Versa was pointed North on Route 17 and we started making our way home.  As we headed out of the valley we saw an amazing cloud line.  Right where the higher elevation plateau was.  It looked like we were driving into a nightmarish storm.  Rain started hitting the windshield and I wondered how much snow we’d be encountering.

Interestingly enough, with our elevation gained we did find a storm line, but not a uniform “mega storm.”  The ominous looking clouds along the ridge were exactly that and nothing more.  Like the clouds draping the mountains in the morning, this storm line draped right along the elevation change.

Fortunately the Sunset Point Rest Area is open again.  We pulled in for a moment.  And I broke out the camera for a few shots.  The lens did get wet, and it got some snow on it as well.  But it was worth the stop.  I’ve never photographed a storm line that looked like this one before.  Of course, I could have gotten better photos of it, but I would have had to turn the camera into the blowing wind and sideways rain.  I decided to pass on that option.  Still, I think the two photos in today’s post give a pretty good representation of what’s going on……

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  1. ahhhhhh…. REI. One of my fav stops in the valley. Time to spend my dividend ! nice storm shots too !

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