A Snowy Morning in the Granite Dells

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This morning I woke up at 4:00 a.m. Something was off. There were sounds on the Airstream. Odd sounds. Almost as if something was rubbing along the exterior walls of the Airstream…….

I sat in bed listening and wondering.  What could it be?  Javalinas rubbing on the trailer?  No.  A mountain lion trying to coax me out of my warm bed…..?  Not likely.  And if it were a mountain lion, did it have its squirrel puppet with it?

For readers who don’t know about my mountain lion / squirrel puppet theory I suggest you go back and read the following post.

Finally, after hiding under the covers for another hour I decided to venture out.  Pretty clear to me I wasn’t going back to sleep.  And once I poked my head out of the Airstream everything was clear to me.

Snow and ice sliding down the Airstream’s exterior.  It snowed last night!  Oh, and it continued snowing this morning too!  Very pretty!

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  1. Very cool shots – snow in that environment not only is beautiful, but striking in contrast to the rest of the scenery! 🙂

  2. Post

    It was a lovely morning! The storm that generated the snow stuck around for the day, randomly snowing and raining here and there. Glad I drove down to the valley for the day! 🙂

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