The Vulture Mine and HDR Workflow Workshop – At the half way point

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Yesterday if you were looking for me in Prescott I was nowhere to be found. Where was I?

The Vulture Mine. Yup, returned to an old favorite for the first HDR Workflow Workshop. I’ll tell you this much….the weather cooperated with us in a big way!

Last night the rain and thunder rolled in.  But yesterday morning and afternoon…..oh the sky put on a show!  Often I’ve been asked, “Did you add that sky into your image?”   The answer is always “no.”  The sky added itself in.

Well, the sky really worked with us yesterday!

Today we’ll be shooting around town for the morning.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate, but it’s looking a little gray outside for the moment.  We’ll walk Prescott, set up for a few more HDRs, get some single exposures as well, then make our way over to the Firehouse Plaza.  Since the group is small enough I’m using one of the currently open units to run the class.  Works out well.

This afternoon we’ll be covering basic Lightroom setup, managing your catalogs properly (that question came up yesterday) and then using Lightroom 2 to manage the post processing workflow once you return from a shoot.

After covering Lightroom we’ll be talking about the integration with Photomatix (the great Lightoom plugin), and also integration with Photoshop.  With the scenes available to us yesterday, and some scenes from around town this morning, we should have a fun selection of images to work with.

So, there’s where the workshop is at, and I’ll give a wrap up this coming week on the first HDR Workflow Workshop.

Oh, and sorry for being away from the blog for a few days.  Busy, a little run down, and getting some extra rest early.  That’s what’s been going on for me.  Didn’t want to come across as a sleepy guy for participants, so I’ve been conserving energy!  😉  Seems to have worked well!

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  1. You missed a great event. Best demonstrations I’ve ever seen from a Fire Dept. I may have even taken a photo or two…..

    Talked w/Ian and picked out some colors for the mat.

  2. Post

    You know David, I thought I saw you but said to myself that I must be wrong. Just one of those moments when I said to myself, “Did I just see a familiar face, or is my mind going soggy?”

    Congrats on the Sedona Arts show! Saw that on Facebook. Very cool!

    Carlos, I popped by the firehouse toward the end, and looked like quite the event! Sorry to have missed it, but we did have a very good day in Vulture! Nice temperatures, great sky, perfect day to shoot around a ghost town again! 🙂

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