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Think Tank is beyond cool

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So yesterday I received the Think Tank Security V2.0 bag for my birthday / Christmas.  Thank you Jodi, it rocks!

Unfortunately, a few things weren’t in the box.  The bag was ordered through Amazon.com and a third party fulfilled the order.  Somehow the rain cover, tripod straps, and instructions weren’t included with the bag.  I wasn’t too worried, see I was too busy oohing and ahhhing at the bag to really be concerned.

Today I gave a quick call to Think Tank to ask whether or not that stuff was supposed to be included.  Heck, ya never know.

Well, the support specialist Dan who took my call absolutely rocked.  We talked for only a few minutes and he told me he’d send me the straps, cover, and instructions immediately!  Can you believe that?  There was no negotiation, haggling, begging, etc.  Instead I talked to a guy who immediately reacted to get the missing components out to me!  Wow!  And zowie for good measure…….

If this is Think Tank’s standard level of support I’m going to love them!  So far I’m digging the bag big time too.  And I’ll write more about it soon, I promise.  For the moment though, back to work!


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