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I’ve printed with both Canon and Epson for years.  Back in the 90’s I got really turned off to HP.  And yet when I finally selected a wide format printer for our business here in Prescott I went with an HP.  Why?

After reading review after review of the latest in wide format printers I kept coming up with the Z3100.  So, based on great reviews I decided to give HP another shot.

I’m glad I did!

From the moment we unpacked the printer (the new non-damaged one) everything has seemed a little too easy.  The packing of the printer couldn’t make setup easier.  Somebody sat down and actually engineered the packing layout if you ask me.

Within an hour Ian and I had the printer assembled.  It definitely takes two people to set it up due to size.  Ian was impressed, and I was pondering what the 60″ printer would have looked like.  A small car most likely.

Setting up the print heads and ink cartridges was easy too.  The printer guides you through it, the quick install guide walks you through it, and I think anyone who can read could set the printer up and prep it for printing.  Just way too easy.

After putting the printer together I had to align the print heads, calibrate the printer, etc.  Not hard at all.

Since assembling the printer we’ve done 19 wide format print jobs.  How do I know that?  The printer tells me it.  Pretty darned amazing!

In the period of a week I believe I’ve really figured out the new 3100.  It’s the easiest wide format I’ve ever dealt with.  Since the 90’s I’ve dealt with wide formats for both Sprint & AT&T.  I was the guy who was called first when things stopped working.  And I can tell you, none of those printers offered what this one does.

Wow, I must really like the product.

And no, this isn’t my whole HP write up.  I’ll get into detail at a later time.  Not enough time this morning.

The bottom line though is that we’re truly up and running now and I’m blown away.  Yesterday I had 3 clients waiting for print jobs first thing.  A fourth came through to ask a few questions about scanning, printing, and minimum sizes.  Fun and busy day.

By the way, all 3 new clients are extremely satisfied with their prints (3 24×36″ prints), and all 3 are planning on coming back with more work for me!

Wonder when the gallery will be my full time job?????  😉

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  1. You mean your going to leave me there all alone :).
    I know I’ll be purchasing a couple of canvas prints from you in the near future… I think you found a great niche business for this town.
    I should be by the gallery tomorrow, I’ll give you a call before I leave… probably around 10 or so.

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