Unfortuantely my most popular post to date: The Formula Wedding E-mail

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As I’ve been working on my contract here in Ohio and West Virginia I still get a fair number of blog comments.  As I noted before, the blog still lives even if I’m a little quiet right now.  The most commented on post?  I wish it was something fun, but it isn’t.

A year ago I wrote an article about fake requests from fake wedding clients.  These scammers were contacting photographers to try and setup a phoney wedding shoot.  How do they make money on that you ask?  Simple.  The “client” says they can’t meet with you but want to book you.  They send a fake check to the photographer and contact the photographer saying they accidentally over paid.  Can you send the difference back to them.  Thinking you’ve gotten a multi-thousand dollar check coming to you all caution goes out the window and you send them a few hundred dollars back.

Your check is real.  Theirs isn’t.

After having my studio and gallery space for years I can tell you every job is important.  Struggling to keep a small business open isn’t the easiest thing in the world.  And having to deal with scammers trying to prey on your need for business isn’t fun either.  So I’m sorry that of all my posts the most commented one ever is this one.  But I’m glad to know it’s helped other photographers steer clear of some fake clients.

“Faux-tographers” undercutting reasonable prices and “Faux-Clients” trying to scam you out of the income you do earn.  Not the easiest business to be in.  Good luck to all of you out there!

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  1. It’s amazing how people get caught by internet scams. My niece’s roommate got an email that her boy friend got hurt in England and to send $1250 by Western Union. She rushed down to get cash and take it to Western Union, without even calling to see if he had gone out of town. When they asked for more, she responded, but this time the clerk at Western Union asked if she had tried to call him. Of course, he answered, so she didn’t give away more. She should have investigated before sending the first payment.

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