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Pocket is a powerful offline website viewer!

Pocket is a powerful offline website viewer!

As we’ve looked into e-Book publishing, book publishing, and getting the word out about our site Living In Tin, we’ve come across a great number of useful tools.  One of my recent favorites is an app that lets you view websites offline.  It’s called Pocket!  Pocket is a free app, and I think you’ll like the idea too.

See, Pocket lets you download your favorite web pages, posts, videos, and more.  If you’re looking to view a website later, and offline, Pocket allows you to do just that.  Navigate to the web page you want to save, and add it to Pocket.  Images, videos, audio files….they’ll all get downloaded as well.  So suddenly you can take your favorite travel tips website along with you, even if you know you’ll be somewhere without Internet access!

If you have a few favorite travel articles on this site, let’s say the visits to White Pocket, or maybe Borrego, you can easily download the articles to your favorite mobile device and have them at your fingertips for your next trip.  It’s pretty slick, and I’ve had a lot of fun trying Pocket out.

The app is available for Android and iOS, and I really like the way it works on Android.  The iOS version could use a little more love, but of course there are other offline viewing apps for iOS.  Since it’s free though, maybe you’ll try it on an iPad or iPhone and have a better time with it than me.

Pocket works with Living In Tin

Living In Tin is an ever evolving travel and tutorial site that we’ve been working on since the Fall of 2014.  And Pocket helps us achieve a goal that we’ve wanted to for the site.  It lets our subscribers view the site offline, more like an e-Book then a website.  Got a favorite article, or maybe a favorite set of tutorial videos we’ve released?  Use Pocket and you can keep them with you for your travels!

Oh, and right now we’re offering a special discount for our followers here, and on Twitter and Facebook.  If you haven’t signed up to Living In Tin yet, you’re going to love our Valentines special for travel lovers.  From now until Valentines Day, all subscriptions to Living In Tin are 50% off.  The discount code is LUVTRAVEL.




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