Airstream at Organ Pipe National Monument

Visiting a few National Monuments

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Sedona Red Rocks

Remembering the first time I saw Sedona. It’s time to see new things again!

Yes, that’s right.  It’s time to move the Airstream along once more.  And it’s time to visit new locations that you haven’t seen on this website.  Specifically we’re looking at paying a visit to Petroglyph State Park, the Chiricahua National Monument, and White Sands National Monument.  Since it’s looking like we have a few free weeks on the schedule, it’s time to roll the Airstream out, do some extended boondocking, and find the next major articles for Living In Tin.

The National Monuments project isn’t forgotten

Last Fall we were really trying to pull together enough funding to work non-stop on the National Monuments of the Southwest guide for RV’ers and campers alike.  We never made our goal, and because of that travel takes a back seat to working with our clients.  But now that we’re looking at a few weeks of down time, thoughts turn to travel.

Over time we will be creating guides for each of the National Monuments in the Southwest, and instead of a print publication or e-book, we’re using Living In Tin as a subscription site where readers can load up on travel locations, photography tutorials, and general articles about Living In Tin (since we do live in tin).

An unvisited National Monument

Through all of the travels with the Airstream, Chiricahua has never been a place that I’ve stayed.  Next week that will change.  And from the looks of images I’ve seen from that National Monument we should have a great time, and capture a lot of new images.  Most likely we’ll be spending a week in the area to make sure we don’t miss anything, and that we cover everything under the sun regarding the area, camping, and the recreation available.

Unlike Chirachua, White Sands is a place that the Airstream stopped…..back in 2007.  February of 2007 to be exact.  At that time I was on my way to meet up with friends in Tucson, and then on to my first experience in Borrego Springs!  White Sands only received a day of attention on that particular trip, as I was extremely under the weather at the time.  This visit will make up for that for sure, and I can’t wait to really get into the place.  Plus there’s a great place to camp nearby, and I’m looking forward to the photo opportunities there as well.

Stay tuned here at the Airstream Chronicles for our quick updates as we make our way through these two National Monuments, and Petroglyph State Park as well!  And check over at Living In Tin for our full write ups and guides for each location!

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