Too busy to blog?

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Ah yes, the blog has received almost no love whatsoever in over a week.  I am a bad blog owner, as I have not trained the blog to take care of itself…..  Ah well, here I am finally posting.  And yes, I’ve been too busy to blog up until today.

Over the past week and a half I’ve been working on another site…..and you guessed it, in Prescott.  Each time we’re ready to hitch up and head to the next location for Living In Tin we get an inquiry about working with local businesses.  This time it was my friend Ron Evans, looking to update his web presence and bring his business, Mountain Spirit Gallery, into the 21st century!

This site was a major chore to be sure.  With so many bronze sculptures, paintings, photos, etc., there was a lot of work on the gallery pages.  Going forward Ron will be updating his site regularly, as part of what we do is teach clients to manage their own sites.  It gives them the power and control to really impact their own online presence.

So for nearly two weeks I’ve been importing images, setting up galleries, populating captions, etc.  And at the end of the day I just feel too busy to blog!  You’ve got to focus on what you’re doing, and if that means typing a lot for a client there’s a high probability you’re not going to want to type for yourself.

Mountain Spirit Gallery's new website

Mountain Spirit Gallery’s new website

No longer too busy to blog

Tomorrow we’ll wrap up and hand the site over to Ron.  And that means more posts here, two more new articles over at Living In Tin, and preparations to head off to a few more National Monuments in Arizona.  Also if I can work it out, a meet up with Bert and Janie Gildart.  They’re not too far away, and I always like to see them if I have the opportunity!

The next few months should be pretty interesting.  Several more requests from businesses in Prescott might keep us here a little longer.  Between clients we’ll take a few boondocking trips.  And then when April rolls around it will be something very different, so stay tuned.



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