Another Gray Airstream Day

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A yes, the pitter patter of raindrops can be heard on the shell of the Airstream even as I type.  Yesterday was a little gray but no rain.  Today it looks like we’ll be seeing moisture for a little while.

The last time I mentioned the rain I had several comments regarding enjoying it.  Yes, Arizona can always use rain and I can’t argue that for a moment.  It’s only when you’re in a tiny space and you have days of rain that you really wish for the sunny days.  200 sq feet of space starts to feel like a prison cell with prolonged bad weather.  And that goes for any RV.

Fortunately we’re working with a client again today……which means we’re getting out of the Airstream and headed to town.  Hooray!  Just getting out of the small space on days like this puts a little spring back in my step after feeling penned in.  🙂

So the bulk of the day will be spent at our client’s location.  Re-working an ancient website that has about 5% accurate information, and 95% dated information that isn’t useful to anyone.

It’s pretty funny when people realize that only one out of 20 items on a list they made in the 90’s is still in their business, and the other 19 just aren’t sold there any longer.  How a site can get so out of date is beyond me, but it happens more often than you think.

With all of that said, I’m packing up the truck and headed out.  Hope you’re having a great day where ever you are, and that the sun is shining on you (unless of course you want some rain).

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