Zip Dee Disaster Averted!

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As I noted yesterday, we’ve had some ongoing precipitation over the last few days.  Good for Arizona, not so much fun as a full time RV’er.

Since rain was forecast for a few days I decided to pull the Zip Dee awning out to give myself a dry space to exit to from the Airstream.  You know, to keep from getting stir crazy inside the Airstream.

Unfortunately I believed the forecast and worked under the assumption that everything we’d be seeing would be rain.  Last night the rain changed over to snow, and that snow stacked up on my awning.  Glad to say, Zip Dee awnings are some of the best out there.  While there was no damage and the bars held the weight of the snow, the awning did sag massively.  Walking out of the Airstream this morning I found that the awning prevented the door from opening the whole way.

30 minutes of snow clearing from the awning and all was well.  The rain and snow have stopped and I’m letting the Zip Dee dry out.  Pretty amazing awning though, as the wet snow was extremely heavy and still didn’t damage the awning.

Lesson for winter camping at elevation?  Always assume snow could be in the forecast and put your awning away every night.  Well, that’s my take away at least!  😉


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