Waiting on the HP Z3100

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So here I am, sitting in the gallery well in advance of opening.  That’s pretty standard for how I operate.  Get a jump on the day and all.

I was trying to figure out what to do with myself as I’m currently waiting on the HP.  Then I realized I could blog about the waiting game…..

No, there’s nothing wrong with the HP.  It’s humming along just fine!  Currently I’m creating a new custom ICC Profile.  Today’s paper of choice?  Breathing Color’s Elegance Velvet.  I recently landed a new client who wants to reproduce her watercolors on a mildly textured paper, and I showed her some samples of the Elegance the other day.  We have a winner.

Glad to say that creating custom profiles with the HP is pretty darned simple.  The profiling is done all in the printer, and currently it’s printing a color swatch.  Once completed it will scan the color swatch so it knows all about the paper and it’s reproduction qualities.  Once that’s all done I’ll have a new setup available that I can use whenever I select the Elegance as the paper of choice.

I’ve profiled so many 3rd party papers now.  And every one of them has reproduced the way I’d hoped it would.  I think that’s got a lot to do with the Z3100’s technology.

One screen shot of the profiling process is included in this post.  It’s so simple with the HP, anyone could learn how to do it in a day (less time than that).  Thought you’d like to have a look.  Oh, and if you’re wondering what the heck an ICC profile is, click this link…..

A screen from the Z3100's custom profile setup

A screen from the Z3100's custom profile setup

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