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Wall Paper Digital Downloads and Class reminders

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Something old, something new…….anybody want to lend me something and find something blue?

A few items this morning.

First off, I’ve been asked about making digital downloads of images available for desktop wall papers for a while now.  And I’ve finally done the first collection from White Pocket, Arizona.  These are some of my favorite images from my trips to White Pocket, sized for optimal viewing on screen.  What’s in the collection?  Take a look below.


If you’re interested in getting the White Pocket wall paper collection all you have to do is click here.  You can purchase and download it very easily.

Licensing Images

For quite a while I’ve been using Dreamstime.com to list stock photography.  Recently I’ve been adding some of my more popular images to the Royalty Free licensing at Dreamstime.  What that means to folks is simple.  If you’ve been looking for images from the places I go for your own graphic design work, ad campaigns, etc, you can now start downloading and licensing many of my images.  Since I started adding some of the HDR work I do for the gallery I’ve found that everybody out there seems to want to license my Bright Angel Trail image.  Wonder where I’ll see it pop up next.

Want to know more about Dreamstime?  Click here.  If you’re looking to see my portfolio on Dreamstime, follow this link.  Finally, if you want to start submitting your own images to Dreamstime and start selling your stuff as stock photography, follow this link.

Last but not least, upcoming classes at the Art Store

It’s almost time for the first Intro to Photoshop Class at the Art store.  Spaces are still available, and you can sign up for the Photoshop and Lightroom classes here.

In answer to all the questions I’ve been getting e-mailed regarding Lightroom and the class I’ve got a quick answer for everyone.  Yup, Lightroom 3 is coming out soon.  Very soon.  Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk page is advertising the pre-purchase of the Lightroom 3 book.  The photo walk takes place July 24th.  So, I think we can all figure out, we should be seeing Lightroom 3 in the next few months.

Awwwww, Rich……That’s what you’re all saying, right?  The first Lightroom class is June 20th.  Well, never fear!  You can download the beta version of Lightroom 3 from Adobe’s website still.  The final version is going to look and feel the same, and you can start working with it now to get a head start on it when you purchase it!

Now, don’t you feel better that I told you that?  🙂  I thought so!

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  1. Very cool photos Rich – I esp. like your presentation right here in the blog. How’d you do that? WordPress Plugin? Custom Code? Share the love! 🙂

  2. Post


    Hey, you made comment number 2001 on this post. 🙂 Less than 2 years for this new blog and already at 2000 comments. Cool. 🙂

    The gallery is the NextGen Gallery. I’ve used it in other posts. Actually, 7 other times as this is gallery number 8. In conjunction with NextGen I got the second plugin Smooth Gallery which works with NextGen to give the presentation you see here. Very easy to use too!

  3. Heh – the power of the Developer bar – after I posted that, thought “Wait a second, I can figure that out” and proceeded to do so, then realized I actually had the plugin already (NextGen) Too funny! (Although I can’t figure out how to have it default with the navigation bar visible…)

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