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A fire photo shoot in the Granite Dells

Melissa is spinning a flaming hoop out on the point, Ashley has her hands on her head, and Josh is down on the ground taking pictures.

So, the other night’s trip into the Granite Dells with Ashley, Josh, & Melissa was fun.  It also involved a lot of standing around on my part.  Sure, I did a couple of photos, some landscapes, but then I waited around a good bit.  And yup, took a couple of photos of Melissa too.  But mostly, stayed out of the way.

I like seeing how other photographers work.  In this case, Josh was the photographer.  We’ve gone shooting together before and it’s always fun.  But in the case of this shoot, Josh is working on a big project that is just coming together.  The last thing I want to do is be the guy in the way.

So, sometimes you leave your camera at your side and stay out of the other guy’s way.  That’s okay.  It gives you a chance to see how someone else works, and more often than not you get to learn.

In the case of Melissa’s shoot, what did I learn?  Well, that having another person with you, in this case Ashley, is fantastic.  She was throwing out suggestions on positioning, what to do, etc.  Josh was pretty focused on the camera, settings, and achieving the image composition he wanted.  I think Ashley’s input will go a long way to some pretty cool scenes.

Oh, and the photo I’ve included in this posting?  Yeah, it’s a shot of the overall scene when Josh started shooting.  A little before sunset, bright sky, water reflection, and not dark enough to start in with the fire photography……  Oh wait, I forgot, we can change things in the camera.  If you drop the exposure, shoot really fast, etc, you might actually bring night on during the day.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see Josh’s final products!

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