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This morning I have been prepping for a few photo sessions over the next few days.  I’ve got a really cool shoot with Nick Russell tomorrow (Ian’s brother).  He works in the forests around here.  You know, prescribed burns and the like?  Yeah, he’s coming in fully decked out with his fire gear.  Should be cool.  Saturday I’ll be shooting all day as well.  Getting the studio ready.  Alien Bee is all set, 580EX II powered up, 2 430EX’s as well.  Yup, all out this week.

Gearing up for tomorrow I was tearing through my pack and Pelican cases and it struck me.  I’ve got a lot of stuff to carry when I go places.  Seriously, a lot.  And in all honesty I do carry my camera backpack everywhere, and often the Pelicans as well.  Someday I’d love a ThinkTank Airport Security bag.  I’ve seen them on other photographer’s sites.  Read the reviews.  And I think one of those bags might just make me happy……  🙂

What’s my gear look like all in one place (excluding light stands, umbrellas, softboxes, etc)?  Look below and you’ll see.


Well, can't really say "Here it is in a nutshell."


My Lowe Pro pack. This goes everywhere with me.

The big Pelican is all about portable lighting equipment.


The small yellow Pelican holds the miscellanous stuff. Oh yeah, my 40D fits in all of this somewhere.


Now, how much of this “stuff” could I fit in a ThinkTank?  Well, we won’t know this week.  Maybe I could review one sometime…..  🙂  Ah, there’s wishing, eh?

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