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The newly updated Ian Russell Gallery website is coming along nicely.  If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to stop by!

Opening the main page you’ll now find a small flash presentation that will continue to grow.  As artists provide me with digital files of their work I’ll add more to the main page.  Additionally, there’s an entire image gallery section that will allow us to show off everything artists offer, not just what’s in the gallery.  Hopefully that will help add to sales for the gallery and the artists we host!

What’s the next step?  Adding a cart service so folks can shop directly on the site.  That’ll be something.  Especially since I’m the person putting it together!  🙂  I don’t enjoy managing cart systems, they’re all so flakey!

Hope you enjoy the look of the new website.  I will take any and all suggestions.  The whole point of the new site is to drive additional traffic to the gallery, and to allow folks who aren’t nearby the opportunity to see the amazing folks and work we host!

Printing like a maniac

The Christmas season seems to have drawn everyone out of the wood work!  The Z3100 has been running non-stop for weeks.  What’s that mean to me?

A Merry Christmas!  See, I’ve told you about the fact that my business has paid for itself this year.  But here’s the downer.  It hasn’t paid me.  And let’s face it, that’s to be expected with a new venture.  However, I can’t go on much longer making nothing and sitting in here 5 days a week.  The whole scenario has been scaring me……

But, with the major push in printing this month I’m actually able to pay myself for real!  And it’s a wonderful feeling!

The lesson?  Shop local folks!  Your dollars coming into small businesses is what keeps us going.  Help us have a wonderful holiday too, and we’ll be there for you next year!  There are only a few more shopping days left for the season.  Why not stop into a local retailer and give Wal-Mart a pass?  😉

Sporadic Blog Warning……

Just in case……Things have been hectic.  So, if I miss a post here and there, don’t worry.  Just getting very busy, and very tired at the end of the day.  So, the blog might not get updated as regularly as normal.

Normalcy will resume with the start of the New Year.  Promise.

Oh, and one final thought about an upcoming post.  Shortly I’ll be posting a “Favorite Photos of the Year” post.  I hope you enjoy it.  The photos will stand on their own with a short explanation on each.  But no other detailed long story will go with the post.  It’s just meant to wrap up on a year of shooting, and what I felt worked out well.  I’ll look forward to seeing similar posts on many other sites I follow.

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  2. Very cool that you are able to start paying yourself! Also looking forward to the 2009 favorites. Hope all else is well…

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    Thanks Jason. I like paying myself. Something about buying food, insurance, etc, says I should probably pay myself. 🙂

    Just popped the 2009 favorites up. Top 20? Nope, how about Top 19. LOL!

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