What Rich looks like nowadays

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I’m sure old friends and web followers alike wonder what I’m looking like lately.  So, I thought I’d share some of the standard “Rich” looks with you.


Often I’m in a green jacket.  This usually indicates that it’s a little colder here in AZ.  I wear other clothing as well, you know, modesty and all…..


The green jacket isn’t always with me.  As you can see, sometimes short sleeved shirts work well too!


Finally, I thought you should know, cameras are not always directly attached to my face.  Although more often than not they are…….

You can all thank Sadira for these great pictures.  While I’m setting up shots I’m being photographed.  Who knew?  😉

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  1. Youse look no different than the last time I saw you, Rich. Although you do look a little different from when we first met in ’93.

    Dude is still alive, btw. I think that makes him 13 1/3. Must be the vitamins!

  2. I keep thinking it will be great to have all these pictures of you setting up shots when you become famous, so we can do a retrospective of you…and I LOVE trying to capture you capturing the perfect shot, with all the amazing backgrounds we usually find ourselves in…it’s like Rich In His Natural Habitat.

    To be fair…it’s hard for me to get shots without a camera in front of your face, because that’s what’s usually going on wherever we’re at…but I will be sure to sneak in MORE shots of you without in the future… 😉

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