The “TP” Quest

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Ok, here’s the story……

Last year on my trip to Borrego Springs I was pretty darned sick.  Everyone I worked with knew I was taking a vacation, so the really sick folks made a point to come near me and touch me as much as they could.  The healthy people stayed clear.  The end result….a horrbile cold for my vacation to Borrego.

Sadira had come along on the trip with me, and she made sure I didn’t pass out from fever while making my way to the California desert.  She also passed me dozens of tissues on the ride out.  So many tissues were passed to me that we were out of tissues on our arrival to Borrego.

After landing in Borrego I immediately napped for hours.  I’m sure when reaching your favorite vacation spot that’s the first thing on your mind…..”How about a big nap?  Sure!!!!”  Yeah, I was sick.

tp-1Once I pulled myself together enough to “get out there” we took a ride to the local grocery store.  The objective – tissues.

We walked through the grocery store twice over.  It’s a small store serving a small community.  The place reminds me of Young’s General Store in Pittsburg, New Hampshire.  Your only bet in town, so you hope they’ve got everything you need.  Young’s does a great job of having a little bit of everything (except truly “fresh” veggies).

Well, like I said, we walked through the store several times over.  And we could not find tissues.  Even worse, we couldn’t find TP (toilet paper).  Seriously, we were pretty confused.  So, we walked each aisle together checking both sides.  No tissues, no toilet paper.  Could we both overlook the TP?  Were we both delusional under the influence of an extreme fever?

I don’t know.

On this trip out I’m on a quest.  I must find TP in the local grocery store in Borrego.  You just can’t go without that stuff, can you?

By the way.  I’ve got 4 boxes of Puffs Plus tissues in the Airstream.  I’ve got 6 rolls of Scott’s TP as well.  You know….just in case.

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  1. Um…is 6 rolls enough? I would take one for each day if it was me…plus? You could SELL them to people who don’t know of this strange lack of toilet paper…help pay for the trip 😉

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