When bad things happen to good photos…..

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Wayne Moore's great grandfather in 1904!

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It seems that a reputation and following is developing here in Prescott when it comes to photo restoration.  I’ve been getting referral after referral, and gotta tell you, today has been very strange indeed.  4 people in the span of 4 hours.  All with photo restoration work for me.

Only a few days ago another couple came in with some images that needed to be brought back to life.  They’d had an electrical fire in their home and lost a lot of their keep sakes.  Photos included.  But two photos survived with “some” damage.  Recoverable?  Yes.  As a matter of fact, those images have been reproduced on the Optica One paper today.  Had to explain to the clients I couldn’t run gloss, and that didn’t daunt them.  Just the fact that I could recover their images had already made them happy.  🙂

This morning, my first restoration and upsampling client popped by.  He had a photo of his great grandfather taken in 1904.  Yes, an image from 1904.  And I got to see it, scan it, and do some recovery work on it.  And tell you what, I’m thrilled with the results.

Of course, I didn’t try to modernize the image.  As a matter of fact we left a lot of the texture of the paper in the image.  Scratches, dings, and small tears were easy enough to deal with.  And look at the sharpness on his face!  The photographer who shot this back then did a great job!  My Epson Perfection scanner did a great job too!

So, when bad things happen to your old family heirlooms, don’t loose hope.  You can recover what you thought you’d lost.  If not through my shop, then somebody else’s as well.  Photo recovery is an interesting side line, and enjoyable.  Restoring a piece of someone’s history always leaves you with extremely thrilled clients, and gotta tell you, I love seeing happy clients!

Just as an FYI.  I’ve already reprinted this image larger than the original and it looks great.  Fortunately the Optica One paper worked perfect for this, so the issue of gloss didn’t come up on this particular job.  😉

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    I seem to be doing restorations every week. To date, this is the oldest image I’ve worked on! 1904, woah! And it was in good condition compared to photos I’ve dealt with from the 60’s! Very well preserved in my opinion!

  2. I’ve done a few myself for friends and family at discounted rates…and like you said, the real hero was the Epson Perfection (although it does take a steady hand in some cases). I still have my trusty rusty v200, but have it sitting in a closet with the NX300 multifunction in its place. Absolutely love that scanner!

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