Where’d the lamp post go???

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You ever get the feeling something is missing???

This morning I popped into the gallery early, as I usually do, to get the day started. Some cleanup work to do on a website, organizing the giant boxes that just came in from Clearbags, and a few other odds and ends before the day officially starts.

After popping over to Pangea Bakery to get some decaf I made my way around to the front of the building to unlock the main doors and disarm the alarm.  While there I noticed some glass on our front steps.  Then I noticed more glass on the sidewalk.  And I thought to myself, “Where did the glass come from?  Looks like it’s from a light or something.”

That’s when I did the whole look around and take in  your surroundings thing.  And that’s when I noticed.

The cool lamp post in front of the gallery entrance wasn’t there casting its morning shadow across the sidewalk.  What was there in its place?

An orange cone.

Well, that explains the glass on the sidewalk and the lack of a shadow from the lamp post.  What it doesn’t explain is how it was removed.

Being the curious guy that I am, I lifted the orange cone off of the lamp post base just to see.  Sure enough, it was knocked over, given the torn look of the metal.  It wasn’t purposefully taken down.  Somebody must have driven into it with a lot of force.  Glad they didn’t keep going right through the gallery entrance or something!

So, I wonder how long we’ll be without our sidewalk light……  And I wonder who drove into it.  Was there alcohol involved (we are next to Whiskey Row), a cell phone and a distracted driver, or maybe someone who was distracted while playing with sock puppets.  The scenarios are infinite, and I’ll probably never know.

Everybody's Hometown. One of the favorites here at the gallery is now available as a float.

The loss of the lamp post reminds me that I’ve still got some fun images from the streets of Prescott.  And the fan favortie, “Everybody’s Hometown” is now available in a new format.  Remember when I wrote about the experimentation with photo floats?  Yeah, I’ve now got a 20×30″ “Everybody’s Hometown” on a photo float.  It’s the #1 version of this image in float format.

The 20×30″ float will retail in the gallery for $250.  But I’ve decided to offer this one here on the site as I know many folks really enjoy the image.  And I’ll even discount it a bit for readers here.  If you’d like to get this #1, just use the paypal link below.  Once it’s sold, I’ll be taking the PayPal link down.  Oh, and it will be signed by me (my handwriting is terrible) just in case you were wondering.  🙂

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