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This morning I was looking through the usual list of suspects that I read each day.  Scott Kelby’s blog, Photowalk Pro, Bert Gildart’s site, Adobe’s Lightroom Killer tips blog, and today I added the Canon Blogger into the mix as well.  The latest site, Canon Blogger, is pretty interesting.  And I’m glad to see another Canon user out there talking about my cameras of choice.

As I was reading around and considering many of the other blogs I read I asked myself about my own blog.  See, many of the folks I’ve been reading (beyond the list above) seem to be changing their sites.  No longer just a blog where they talk about their photography, their shooting, and themselves, they now all seem to be turning into tech tutorial sites.

What I’m saying is they’ve gotten very serious.  It’s all photography all the time.  It’s tech tutorials all the time.  Everybody seems to becoming professional tech writers.  Hey, I’m a tech writer……got a book out on mobile technology, I used to rewrite Lucent documents for new switch techs who didn’t have time for weeks on one subject….yeah, I write tech stuff.

Of course, I do that here occasionally.  Not all the time.  And that’s what I started wondering…….

Should this be all camera and software information?

In my case, I don’t think so.  My blog combines what I enjoy doing and general life stuff.  I cover work, play, and random things.  Occasionally you’ll get some type of tech gem here, but not all the time.  Plus it seems to me that there’s a bunch of folks out there providing great tutorials and tech suggestions.  Why replicate what everyone else is doing?

Of course, there is one tech item I’d like to do.  I’d love to launch a Canon Podcast that is on the order of Nikon’s DTown TV.  I’ve made podcasts, I know how to switch tutorials from me on camera to my computer screen for the tutorial, etc.  Of course, I’d rather someone else on the camera and I’d just write the script for them!  😉

So, happy with the blog as it is?  Should it just be all tech?  Should it be all personal (Rich at a rice cake this morning…….)?  Or is the mix of stuff just right?  For me, I think the mix is fine, but I’d love to know what readers think.

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  1. I like the variety. I too have a couple of Canon cameras, lived in an Airstream for years and love hiking around in the desert.

    Been divorced too!

    All of your observations I find interesting.

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    Thanks Betsy & Ron. I’m thinking the same thing as you. But I was wondering as some favorite blogs are just going so “pro.” I still like their stuff, but I hope they keep some of their personality in what they write about.

    Ron, my dad has done the same thing as you managing blood pressure and the rest. Isn’t it interesting what a walk can do for you?

  3. Your blog is a reflection of you, your many talents, and interests. Why restrict yourself. I agree with Betsy. What you are doing is fine.

  4. My personal take on a blog, yours included, is that it represents it’s writer. People have many aspects to who they are.
    Most people know lots about a few things and can offer advice on their areas of expertise. Most people have had life experiences, both good and bad and again, can share these experiences for support, incentive, inspiration and offer hope when the reader’s perspective may be rather glum.
    I have experienced many similar trials as yours. Divorce, illness (prostate cancer, different from your illness, but equally life-changing and challenging) and like you I love to travel. At one point I was considering living in an Airstream until my son could no longer live with his mother when she fell (back) into a bottle and he needed stability and space like any teenager.
    Through your blog, with all it’s myriad conversations, I have come to consider you a friend. Perhaps one day, our paths will cross in ‘real life’, but until then, keep the blog truly ‘Rich’ in content.

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  6. I started reading your blog when it was about traveling in an Airstream, when I was looking for travel blogs. I LOVE to travel, and have a travel trailer. One winter day when I was stuck here in the snow dreaming of a trip I thought I’d take a virtual one 🙂 it just so happens you’re a great photographer, and a tech expert also, two other interests of mine… So I like the mix of subjects, I never know what you will be writing about but it’s always interesting.

  7. Don’t change anything. The mix of subjects and thoughts is great and it is quite enjoyable. If it were not for the variety, your site would be off my Google reader list.

    Looking forward to meeting your multi-talented person when I pass through your area this coming fall.

  8. Wow – so you’re the 6th of the half dozen people that are tuning in! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the mention, and now it seems I have another blog to enjoy reading myself! Looks like you’re off to a good start! 🙂

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