Woah, that’s cold!

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This morning I thought I’d put the reminder out there that I live in an Airstream.  Just in case you’d forgotten.

Let’s see……  The title of this blog is “The Airstream Chronicles Continued.”  If you’ve been a long time reader you probably remember me wandering around the country.  I’m still the author of the first book on mobile tech for RV’ers, The Digital RV.  But maybe, just maybe you forgot that I live in an Airstream……

I can assure you, I still live in an Airstream.  This morning I was reminded what that means during cold weather…..

See, last night I turned the main heater off in my trailer.  I’ve got a wonderful little electric heater that mostly does the job.  The Airstream’s blower pops on only when the little electric heater can’t keep up (on extremely cold nights).  Basically, 35 degrees and above the little electric does the job.  During the day I just shut off the blower, and pop it on before bed.

Last night I forgot to turn the blower on.

This morning I woke up to find the little electric heater struggling to maintain 50 degrees!  Whoops.  No wonder I was chilly last night!!!  And the temperature outside this morning?  A whopping 25 degrees!

As you can see from the screen shot I included we’ll see 60 degrees today.  That’s the nice part about Prescott.  It always warms up for the day.  It’s the chilly nights that’ll get you, especially when you turn your big heater off.  And when your feet hit the poorly insulated floor watch out.  You wake up instantly!  Brrrrrrr!

Tonight I will remember to turn the main heat on for sure.  No repeats this week, especially with the lows listed on the forecast!

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  1. Wait…

    Are you saying that you live in an Airstream?

    when did that happen?!?


    I hope you remember to turn on the blower tonight…although, standing around watching the lighting will probably ensure that will happen, eh?

  2. Post
  3. On our way to the Airstream rally in 29 Palms two years ago, we picked up electric mattress pads at Walmart. We like these much better than an electric blankets. Heat rises. If it gets too cold, perhaps you could try both–an electric cocoon.

  4. Bwahahahahahaha…Laughing at Sadira… She’s SOOOOO funny!

    We do that, too. Those electric heaters work… Just added an electric blanket to our mix and it works out real well! We keep the blower set at 55-60.

    What do you do about the condensation buildup?

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