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Worldwide Photowalk Update – Prescott Arizona

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Photography, Prescott Leave a Comment

Well, the second photowalk for Prescott Arizona has been accepted, approved, and finally activated!

What that means is simple.  If you didn’t get into my photowalk (it’s full) you now have a second opportunity.  Ken filled in the walk data this morning and signups are now possible.

Where do you go to signup?


Ken’s got an interesting walk into the Granite Dells planned.  A new trail on the North side of Willow Lake.  Not too rough, minor rock scrambling, and interesting canyon photo possibilities.  Don’t forget, you’ll be close to Willow Lake too.  Sounds like it should be an interesting morning.

So, if you want to join in go sign up now!  Don’t wait……my photowalk for Prescott filled up in 1 week.  I’m willing to bet the second one will fill up quickly as well!

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