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It’s been a week since the return from Zion.  Life has settled down to the “normal” routine again.  Of course, the normal routine isn’t very normal.  There’s been a good deal happening around the Ian Russell Gallery in the past few weeks.

Print Clients Expanding

In recent weeks I have been blown away by the growth of my client base.  To all the new clients, thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you.  And to all of my regular clients…..thanks guys, you’re the reason I’m still here and growing my business.  Without your referrals I don’t know where I’d be.

And to all my regulars…..sorry if you’ve had to wait in the gallery at times.  Last week I had a lineup of 4 people in a row waiting to speak with me, review their images, and select their preferred print setup.  As I sat in the print room I wondered if I should get one of those “take a number” dispensers like they have at delis……Just don’t ask me for thinly sliced roast beef on your next visit!

The Tourist Season has begun!

Weekends in Prescott are seeing a population growth.  Temporary of course, but the town seems to be bursting at the seams.  Each weekend the sqare seems to be packed, events are going on, and people from Phoenix are up to get out of the heat and enjoy what Prescott has to offer.  Thanks for visiting guys.  Don’t forget to pop by the gallery.

What I’ve been finding is that people stopping in really do want something to remind them of their favorite town, Prescott.  Images of the town, images of outdoor recreation areas they enjoy, and more, are all on their request lists.  I’ll be working hard the next few weeks to make sure I’ve got some quality pieces covering recent requests.

Music at the Plaza

Each weekend we now have live music at the Firehouse Plaza.  Fun stuff provided the weather is good.  The musicians play outside and mostly they’ve avoided being rained on!

You don’t have to pop into the gallery to listen to the musicians.  So, pick a Saturday evening and stop on by!

bubbles-1-of-1Gary Persello brings out another winner

Gary, one of my favorite artists in the gallery, has assembled another amazing piece.  His work is all about fantasy.  Dragons, gargoyles, djini’s, and pixies……for a kid who loved the Lord of the Rings and other fantasy books, Gary’s work hits home!

His “Pixie and the Puff,” an amazing bronze that is extremely intracate, is something that catches the attention of young and old.  He has now offered a new Pixie piece which we’re displaying in the gallery for the week.  It isn’t cast in bronze yet, so you can see the first step in creating a quality bronze.  We’re doing a “Pre-Cast” sale on the bronze for the first 20 signups.  The first 5 are already spoken for, so there’s 15 slots left.  This is the first work of Gary’s that we’re offering belowy $1,000.  If you want to get something by Gary this might be your opportunity!

It just struck me as I’m writing this that I’ve wanted one of Gary’s pieces.  So, I’ll be putting myself on the list for the Pre-Cast sale.  So, now there are 14 more slots left.  Sorry gang, I want to get one too!  If you’re interested in his work I’d suggest getting one of the first before the price increases after the Pre-Cast sale…..just saying!  😉

Scott McCormick’s finished commission piece


Scott McCormick's latest creation

If you’ve been by the gallery in the past few weeks you might have seen the latest wood carving offered by Scott McCormick.

A few months ago a regular client of the gallery asked about finding a Cigar Store Indian.  Ian asked Scott if he could do such a piece, and the answer was yes.  Since that time we’ve gotten to see the work progress as Scott brought it in several times to show us where it’s at.

Well, the completed piece was brought in not too long ago and looked great.  The clients picked it up this weekend, and they were extremely pleased with the final result…..

This all leads me to say the following……..

Custom Requests?  We take them all!

As I’ve said, been printing a ton of custom sizes of my prints a lot over the past month.  Beyond custom prints I’ll also shoot custom shots.

The custom photography provides a little inspiration for sure.  My newest “Hometown” piece wasn’t in my mind to shoot.  But when I received the request to shoot the Hassyampa the shot came out of my quest for a cool image of the place.  Go figure.  So, if you’re looking for a specific image, run it by me.  We’ll both benefit.  Of course, don’t ask for a New York Skyline or something…..not flying out there any time soon!  😉

That’s it for now…..

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  There’s more going on, but things slip my mind.  Senile moments are common with me lately, that’s why I write so much down in little note books.  Hooray for notebooks!

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