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The elusive Mountain Lion is back

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Prescott has mountain lions.  I saw one the year I moved here walking right through the upper loop of Point of Rocks.  Once I saw it I turned right around and went back into the Airstream.  It was pretty close.

That’s right.  No zoom lens gathering, not sitting out and watching it up close, just a turn around and zip in.  The gut reaction was, “Eeeeeeek!”

Well, the mountain lion is hanging out in the park again.  I’ve been hearing about it for two weeks.  Pat, the office manager, showed me two digital photos of it taken by another full timer here.  Unfortunately the photographer used digital zoom on a little point and shoot, and all you can really make out is a silhouette of something.

Frankly, the two images made me think of UFO photos, Big Foot photos, and the Lock Ness monster photos.  Looking at one I thought the animal in question seemed more like a big squirrel shot in shadow at a distance.  The other one seemed like an amorphous blob on a rock.

Do I want to get a photo of the lion?  Sure.  From a safe distance super far away.  I don’t think my handy dandy 200mm is going to do it, and I’m not walking up to this sucker.

Why am I writing about the lion today?  Simple reason……I saw it…..sort of.

I just got back from putting my laundry in.  Laundry day.  Such fun.  When I got to the laundry room 2 older gentlemen with really thick glasses were looking up into the rocks.  I asked them what they were looking at.  The mountain lion.  I looked up into the rocks and saw something moving at a great distance.  And of course I didn’t have my glasses on.  But yes, movement.  Mountain Lion?  Kotamundi?  Bob Cat?  Guy in a Big Foot suit?  I’m not sure.

My glasses are on now, quarters are in my pocket for the dryer, and I’m totally out of dryer sheets.  Now combined with the deep thought behind laundry I’ve gotta start scanning the rocks today.  Anybody want to take an a.m. walk into the Dells with me in search of a Mountain Lion?  If so, be advised you’ll be walking 200 yards in front of me to flush it out!  🙂

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