12×18 Gallery Wraps. They’re what’s “In” for 2010

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That’s right, 12×18 gallery wraps seem to be the new “in” thing here at the gallery. I guess they’re the new trend for the new year.

How can I make such a claim? Simple. More than 65% of the canvases I’ve put out in the past 3 weeks have been 12×18’s. Clients dig the size. And if my suppliers are any indication, this isn’t an isolated phenomena!

See, this morning I ran down to “The Art Store” here in Prescott to pick up a pair of 12’s and 18’s.  New client came in yesterday and I ran a 12×18 canvas of one of her paintings for her.  Came out GREAT!

Normally I have just about all the standard stretcher bars on hand.  I say normally because there’s been an exception recently.  12″ bars.  My primary supplier has been out for a month and a half.  My backup supplier has 12’s in sporadically, but it out as quickly as they resupply.  And the Art Store is my last line of defense.  Go figure, they’ve been getting nailed on 12″ bars, and I’m not the only one cleaning them out.

That last statement needs some explanation.  Each time I go in and buy from the Art Store I count how many 12’s they have left.  So, there’s somebody else in town buying up all the 12’s.  Hmmmm……who could it be?

Well, the Art Store had 2 more 12’s, but no 18’s this morning.  So I’ve been doing the mad dash on the Internet in a search.  Of course, my primary supplier is still completely out of 12’s.  Same for the backup supplier, and they’re also out of 18’s.  Finally, Dick Blick did have both 12’s and 18’s in.  Pricier than most, I bought several sets to cover myself for a few more days while I figure out where all the 12″ stretcher bars are going to.

Oh, and I Fed Exed the bars in, so that kills my profit on my most recent client’s print, but I’ll have the canvas to her in 48 hours.  Normally I turn canvas around in 24 hours.  I guess the next opportunity I get for cases of 12’s and 18’s will find me ordering several of each!

My first #1's in a 12x18 size!

Since we’re on the subject….I too decided to try out a 12×18″ wrap.  Normally the smallest canvases that I do of my work are 16×24’s.  But as I’ve been “mass producing” 12×18’s for clients I’ve gotten a little curious.  How would a 12×18 do on my own pieces?  The results?

They look great!  Looks like I have a new size to add to my inventory of canvases!

What did I print?  Well, one of my all time favorites, “Planks,” and a newer piece that I enjoy immensely, “Serving it up.”  Both images really appeal to me, and even on a smaller canvas they look great!  Last week while running a few 12×18’s for a client I found I had some extra room on the canvas spool, and I didn’t want to waste canvas.  So, I threw these two images on for grins and giggles.  🙂

For a few more giggles I’m going to try something a little different here today.  I’m popping up a PayPal button, and offering up the #1/100 for each of these images.  Once each #1 is sold I’ll be taking the PayPal buttons down.  Also, no shipping charges on these, and so long as you’re not in the state of AZ, no tax.  🙂

12×18 #1’s

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