Trying to go in 6 directions at once……

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Leaves a person feeling a little split!

That’s what’s been going on for me. A big list of items, and picking which to do when. Clearly I need to make a new checklist (something I do often), and go point by point. So, what’s got me looking in so many directions?

  • Working on several articles to see if some of my images can be published.
  • Running a few more canvases.  Got that all done, so on to other items.
  • Additional Web work on the Ian Russell Gallery site.  Trying to integrate a web cart so folks can order directly.
  • Working on an upload feature so folks can upload their images for print directly to the Rich Charpentier site.
  • Getting my latest Kelby Training video in.
  • Creating a few small podcasts of the gallery.  Figure folks might want a virtual tour of our location, the gallery, and the print reproduction process.
  • Working up two proposals for potential web clients.

Whew, got a few things to do!  Now, what to get busy on this morning…….?

I think this morning will start with a new training video and I’ll go from there.  Spent a good deal of time yesterday working on a cart system or PayPal integration and I’m a little burned out with the web stuff.

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  1. Fortune cookie message: The year of the Earth Ox is not over until Feb. 13 at sunset, the first day of Spring of the Chinese New Year. You have truly worked hard with determination without sacrifice of your artistic talent to achieve goals like the ox, a job most well met! The New Year 4908 of the Earth Tiger approaches, on with the hunt!

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  3. Many envy those with a full plate like yours.
    Take some time this evening to just walk out, take a deep breath of fresh air…maybe start taking some walks into your favorite places…like the Dells…but, always have your camera with you…with the lens cover off!
    .-= JW Stovall´s last blog ..A Sign =-.

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