What happens when a bored photographer plays with wireless flash on a Saturday Night

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Sunset and an over lit photographer

Yes, Saturday nights are not always exciting around the Airstream Chronicles. Often you’ll find me in the Airstream relaxing. A movie, some anime, maybe an audio book……  Maybe it’s a sign of age, maybe it means I need a rest, or maybe I’m just not creative enough to figure out something better to do on a Saturday.  Who knows?

Well, last night I was considering options for improving my portable flash skills.  Yes, I don’t know everything about photography and I’m still learning.  My motto….”Give me natural light and I can do anything.”  But when artificial light is added to a situation?  Well, I’m still in the “sucks pretty bad” zone when it comes to flash.  So I’m working on it.

With all that in mind, here was the situation…….  An interesting sunset, a bored photographer, a 580EX II, and a 430 EX II.  Oh, a portable flash stand, a Justin Clamp, a Westcott umbrella, and a small diffuser.  Now you’ve got the whole scenario.

Not posing. When I sat down I noticed a slew of Quail running across the rocks. So, my expression? "Hey, there's a bunch of quail out there." By the way....Setting up strobes in an Airstream is not easy!

Let’s add one more thing to the situation.  Phone calls from friends the entire time I was setting up and shooting.  Still, I had it in my mind to try this out, so I plugged away while on the phone and explained to those who called me that I was moving lights, the camera, and stopping the wind from catching my umbrella.

I think I need to get out more or something.  Seriously.  🙂

So, what did you do for your Saturday night?

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  1. To answer your question, I tried to build a DIY beauty dish. The effort failed miserably, so I was back out again today for more supplies! LOL

    Nice shots here by the way – who’s the guy in the pics? *ducks the flying tomatoes*

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  4. I actually thought that was a very exciting thing to do on a Saturday night. Just staying up past 8 is a great start. Also, I thought the picture of you in the airstream really looks like the Richard Lucien I remember. Well, looking at the picture has inspired me to do some vaccuuming with my dyson.

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