30 days, 30 Posts & Pictures……Can he do it?

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It’s been so long since I posted every day for a month.  Sure, on average I post more than 30 times per month, but some days I’ll put up two or three things and other days nothing.  Given that I started the month out right with a post I’ve decided this is the month…..

Drum roll.  The masses are excited…..yup, excited.

I know, many other blogs out there do POTD (Picture of the Day) and they do it all year.  Yup, those guys have way to much caffeine and amphetamines.  Since I’m totally decaf we’re not going for the full year of daily blogging and POTDs.  But we can take a crack at a month again.  I can do that.  Well, we’ll see if I can do that.

And to those who’ve been worried.  We’ll have a good amount of landscapes again.  One friend recently asked, “Do you still do landscapes.  All I see lately on your site are portraits.”  Yes, I still love landscapes.  Just practicing and learning.  Adding more to the bag o tricks.  Grow every day.  And now….blog every day for the month of August.  I’ll try to keep it interesting!


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