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One more photo session with Jantina

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This morning was busy.  First, a visit to the dentist to fix a cracked tooth.  A lemon candy got me the other month.  Wish they weren’t so good.  Wish I didn’t feel the need to crunch right into them…..

After the dental visit I headed over to the studio to get setup for a quick photo set with Jantina.  She’s back to work next week, so we won’t have much time.  For months we’d been talking about a photo set, and today we got to finally do it.  Kind of a Victorian pinup motif.  Jantina’s idea, and I figured I’d see what I could pull off.

Fortunately Jantina’s got a lot of experience creating costumes.  She used to instruct Drama years ago.  And costume making would definitely fall into a drama instructor’s bag o tricks.  For a few months she’d been pulling an outfit together, and today we got to shoot with her new costume.

Funny, she said today, “Well, now I don’t have to make a Halloween costume this year!”

Included in this post are a few outtakes, and one quick edit.  I’ve barely gotten to work on these.  It’s hard when every 10 minutes someone comes in to chat you up.  Getting things done in that type of setting is tough.  Guess I need to start closing my door again.

While not the most comfortable looking pose, there's still something I like about this one.

Quick crop in Photoshop Lightroom. You'll get to see the full version of this one down the road.

So I had this idea.......Corner of Whiskey Row and Gurley

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