30 Days in the Dells….Sort of… #17

Richard Charpentier 30 Days in the Dells, Arizona, Notes from Rich, Prescott 3 Comments

Well, 3 days have been missed in this series.  But I’m still trying to get the Dells from as many angles as possible.  Maybe it’s not 30 days in total, but there will be more than 30 shots when we’re all said and done.

This evening Sadira and I took a short walk along Willow Lake.  Yesterday Lars and I shot on the lake, and tonight I wanted to take a few more photos with the cloud cover that rolled in.

For monsoons being “gone” we sure are still getting a lot of clouds in. I think it’s pretty cool though.  I’m enjoying the variation in the scenery.  Heck, I’d like to see some more rain!

As we made our way out I decided it would be cool to photograph the path itself.  Walking along the lakes here is fun, and there are too many things to see.  You never think to take a picture of the walking path itself…..

All the touring around the Dells makes me want to get out with my bike again.  I’m thinking about shooting from the north side of the Dells some morning.  Sunrise lighting up the Dells from across a field……

Yup, upcoming project for sure!

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  1. Great job with the HDR in these shots… the horizon in the first shot could use some straightening, but the color, detail and depth in both are amazing.

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  3. :-D)
    Beautiful. I can’t wait to visit. Hubby said there may be a project out west in Fall 2009. Hope it all pans out.

    Rumor has it it’s in Phoenix or Albuquerque. I’ll take that! :-D)

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