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A big announcement is coming from the Airstream Chronicles

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Next Monday I’ll be posting something different here on the Airstream Chronicles Blog.  It’s a project I’ve had in mind for a while now, and hopefully it’s something we can get off the ground this year.  So be sure to stay tuned to the site on Monday morning to see what’s up.

Since 2006 I’ve been blogging from the Airstream.  Initially it was on “Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles.”  That site was up from 2006 to August of 2008 when the poor website ran into some pretty nasty hackers.  So I relocated the site and renamed it to the Airstream Chronicles Continued (since the chronicles were continuing).  Since that time I’ve documented travel, photography, photography tips, many podcasts back in the day, and more.  The site has had a consistent (and growing) following for years.  And Monday’s announcement will hopefully catch people’s imaginations and grow the site even more.  Plus it will push the site back to more photography, travel, and useful information for many different people.

Why “pre-announce” that something is coming?  Simple, I want to make sure readers pop by on Monday to see what’s up.

P.S.  Two days after a nasty allergic reaction I’m fine and dandy.  For friends and family who were worried on Monday, sorry about that!  Scared the tar out of me too!


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