A certain number of days in the Dells – #16

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Ah, back on track?  Sure we are.  A few days without fun shots for the series is disappointing, but now that I’ve had a little time I’ve gotten to shoot a few photos.  About time!  🙂

This morning I ran into my friend Lars.  He mentioned heading out for a few photos in the evening along Willow Lake.  Since I hadn’t taken the time to shoot on Willow I thought it would be a great opportunity!

I drive past Willow constantly.  To and from the grocery store on a regular basis.  Do I ever stop?  Nope!  Usually it’s after work, and usually I’m tired and hungry.  I think you see where this is going…..

So today I took the time to walk along Willow.  We headed out as the sun was setting.  Clouds were in the sky, lightening strikes were off in the distance.  Lars was lucky enough to capture a strike while doing a series of shots for an HDR he was making.  Can’t wait to see the photo on his Flickr page!

Personally I think we came away with some interesting shots.  Willow will get more exploration this month I’m sure.  I’ve spent so much time on Watson Lake and shared so many photos from there.  Guess it has come time to share blog time with Willow Lake!

Glad to have gotten out again for a nice walk and a few shots!  More to come!

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    That’s what I was going for with these Lois! 🙂 You should see both full sized. Raccoon prints, coyote prints, goose prints, and more in the mud! They come across so well in the larger versions. I might just have to print one of these! 🙂

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  3. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Love that wide angle. The HDR hasn’t worked that well so far, not sure how to reduce the grain I keep getting. The lightning however, wowzers!

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