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A different kind of sunset view

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Last night the rain finally ended.  The lake became super glassy.  And it was time to take out the DJI Phantom for a little fly around.  I set the GoPro to photo mode, 1 image every 5 seconds, and then I put the quad copter up in the air.  I didn’t expect for a minute to catch this shot!

Sunset on Manchaug Pond

Sunset on Manchaug Pond

Yes, there was a little mist remaining on the lake, but not much.  Turning the copter to shoot over the Old Holbrook Place I was worried the sunset would look terrible, but I figured what the heck?  Instead of terrible it came out kind of cool don’t you think?

Oh, at this point the camera is out and read 24×7.  Trying to capture the wildlife around here is challenging.  Herons pop up when you leave the camera behind.  Ducks and geese show when you put the lens cap on.  No dragonflies are available for photos right now…….

So what type of duck is this?

So what type of duck is this?

This morning sitting outside and waking up to the day a momma duck and her little troop passed by the dock.  I raced inside (camera was inside) and then proceeded to stalk the little ducks down into the cove.  What was surprising to me was that it wasn’t a family of mallards like you usually see on the lake (of course while photographing 2 mallards showed up).  Nope, this was some kind of wood duck, but I don’t know the name.

Mallards getting in on the photo....go away!

Mallards getting in on the photo….go away!

Cool to see the little troop swimming along.  Even better I actually caught them in a good frame!

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