A rainy day at the Airstream

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Yesterday was gray and overcast.  Showers popped up now and again.  It wasn’t a steady rain, and for a good part of the day the skies only threatened.  But this morning is a different case.  This morning I’m being treated to the “tink tink tink” of raindrops on the Airstream.

There’s something about the sound of rain on a metal roof.  Whether your in an Airstream, a camp trailer, or a house with a metal roof.  That sound reminds me of many days spent inside a trailer here on Manchaug Pond with Mem & Pep.  Those were the days for Go Fish, Rummy, and Uno.  Nobody would play chess with me on those days….I won too often.

Being on Manchaug Pond this month I can’t help but get all nostalgic about the good old days of my youth.  For years I’d spend my summers on Manchaug Pond with Mem, Pep, Uncle Hank, Aunt Den, many of my cousins, and friends I made on the lake.  Often you’d find me walking down the road to the Old Holbrook Place to get an Italian Ice from Mrs. Nelson.  The days would be spent swimming, boating, snorkeling, playing Star Wars, and accidentally playing Star Wars in a big mess of poison ivy.  That last one isn’t a fond memory, just a memory.  Ick!

Right now the Airstream is parked at the Old Holbrook Place.  Linda Nelson is here, and she runs the park now.  She recently lost her mom, Mrs. Nelson.  I grew up seeing Linda and her mom at this little park all summer long.  Great memories, great people.  So I think you can probably surmise, I’m pretty happy to be here.

With work progressing on the latest project I’m wondering what to do on this rainy day.  Maybe a movie or two?  Maybe a few rounds of Uno on my Iphone?  Who knows what I’ll do with the day…….  For now I think I’ll just listen a little longer to the sound of rain drops splashing against the tin roof over my head.

The lake from the beach point at the Old Holbrook Place

The lake from the beach point at the Old Holbrook Place


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