A few photos from the Grandstaircase Escalante Trip

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Alrighty. I’ve barely started into the photos, sorting, etc.    No major edits yet either.  I did however get a 16GB card off loaded, and 4GB of an 8GB card.  Yup, took a few pictures.

Now, there’s a few HDRs here, a few unedited photos, and a few photos that I used PhotoTune on.  I’ll leave it to you to figure out.  And these aren’t picks for the gallery yet.  Just some images that jumped out at me while off loading.  I’ve got a lot of sorting to do today, but there are some larger priorities.  Calling Nissan to have the truck looked at, contacting Manfrotto about the busted monopod, doing laundry, getting in touch with Black Pine about the Turbo tent, and trying to get all the red sand out of my ears and belly button…….

Hackberry canyon has some water flowing again this year!

Grovener arch was looking pretty cool

A very odd arch in Devil's playground

No edits. Shot at sunset in Devil's playground. I kind of like this one.

Spooky Slot is spooky. I was too thick to get through all of it.

My chest and back are against rock. No edits. Oh, and I could fit through this part

The slot without me in it.

Shooting slot is tough. You need reflected light at the right time of day. This section finally got some cool light right as we headed out.


Sunset in Devil's Garden night number two. No clouds..... 🙁


Bryce....there's still snow at Bryce!


The Coral Pink Sand Dunes. I've been wanting to go here for years!

A tree growing in the middle of the dunes all on its own! Right before sunset


Well there you go.  While uploading I got ahold of Nissan.  I’ll be dropping the truck off at 10 today and finding out what the damage will be financially for the damage to the truck……..  Ugh!

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