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Survived the Grand Staircase – I might have gotten a good photo or two

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So, arrived home 2 hours ago.  The Titan is mostly unloaded, pictures are being off loaded, etc.  The video above has a few highlights from the trip.  Made it while lying in my tent resting after an eventful day.

This isn’t going to be a long update.  That’s why I included the video I made the other day.  From the trip I can say that death by a thousand paper cuts does occur, but you can overcome.  The “low lights” of the trip include:

  • Sacrificed the tail pipe to washboard roads.  Yup, didn’t bottom out or anything, just shook right off.
  • Water filled canyons too deep for my liking.  Zebra Canyon was chest to neck deep for tall people.
  • The Turbo Tent’s zipper has totally crapped out.  Write more on that one later.
  • My Manfroto Monopod totally broke where the ball head connects to the monopod.  Fortunately I caught the 5D Mark II on it’s way down.
  • Thunder storms combined with an un-closable tent left me with no choice but to cut it short.

Alright, more later.  Enjoy the video.  Oh, and if you like the music it’s from Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise 7.

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  1. Good thing I didn’t tag along on this one. I don’t think I could’ve squeezed through that slot canyon.

  2. Post

    LOL Carlos! Heck, I couldn’t fit through at one point and that was it for me. If you dance around, wiggle, squish, etc, you can get further in there. No way the camera pack was fitting either……

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