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A fun visit to the Highland Games

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Prescott Squirrel

Even the squirrels showed up for the Highland Games

The Highland Games are going on at Watson Lake Park.  Right now, this very minute.  If you’re in the area you should stop reading this and go enjoy it yourself!

The last few years while traveling around with the Airstream we’ve missed out on the Highland Games.  And with last night’s weather I was afraid we’d miss out on it again.  But fortunately things have cleared up quite a bit.  There’s still a chill in the air though, and I felt a little bad for all the folks running around in Kilts today!

Apparently Flagstaff got hit with some snow last night.  I thought we’d see some snow too, but it didn’t happen in the Granite Dells.  According to a few friends, downtown Prescott saw a little snow.

Jodi and I headed over early in the day.  We’ve been stuck in the Airstream for the past few days working, being under the weather, and dealing with the weather.  One day shorts, the next day pants and a fleece jacket.  Yup, the weather is a little odd, but of course we are at elevation.

Visiting the event was a good break from the past few days.  People throwing telephone poles, people throwing hammers, people throwing bagpipes….. oh wait……

Throughout our visit the sound of bagpipes could be heard.  Even walking out into the rocks and along the lake, bagpipes could be heard in the distance.  There were several different groups playing around the park, and a main stage area for featured musicians.  And right now at 2 p.m. it’s still going on.

At Point of Rocks we do not hear the distant bagpipe music.

So, with a fun break for the morning, we’re now back at the Airstream.  There’s talk of tacos, and a trip to resupply the Airstream, the cupboards are looking bare.  With that, I’m off, but I’ll leave you some images to enjoy from the games.


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