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A fundraiser worth supporting

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This weekend my friend Ida over at The Frame and I got in touch about using a fun image I’d created last year for a fundraiser.  Money is being raised for the subject of the image, Everest.  Of course, I had no problem with them using the image

Have you ever known a person who is just phenomenal at something, and you know right away they’re going to take it somewhere?  I’m betting you’ve known at least one person like that.

Everest is that guy.  For him it’s athletics.  Specifically, he’s an amazing soccer player with an amazing opportunity.  He’s been accepted to the Olympic Development Plan for boy’s soccer.  This young man may some day be an Olympic player.  Of course, going to the program is going to cost his family, and that’s where the fundraiser comes in.

If you’ve got a few dollars rattling around in your wallet and you want to help sponsor Everest’s journey to Oregon, please click here and make a donation.  I know Everest and his parents personally, and they’re all great people.

I don’t usually do fundraisers on this site, but this is an exception.  So, if you’d like to say someday that you helped a famous Olympian, here’s your opportunity!

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  1. Thanks Rich! We’re already at 10% of our goal thanks to you and other awesome folks. I can’t wait to say “I knew Everest when he was just 12 years old and my friend Rich took his first professional soccer photos…” lol 😉

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