An old resource is new again – Zenfolio

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Years ago I tried out  I used the service for a full year.  Print quality is great, delivery is great, everything worked really well.  But I was only using it to show my own landscape work and very few sales were made through it.  So I cancelled the service at the time.

Fast forward to today.  Things are very different.  Client shoots on a regular basis, a larger body of my own work, time constraints on what I can and can’t do.  Small prints here in studio don’t make a ton of sense given other duties I have to attend to.  So…….

I’ve signed back up with Zenfolio.  It gives my clients a great place to select their own favorite images in their own personalized galleries.  It allows people who are interested in my photographic works to order online.  And it helps free up some of my own print time!  Works all the way around.

So, images are just starting to be populated on the new site.  Take a swing by and see for yourself.  You can click this link or the image below and you’ll pop up at my new Zenfolio location.

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