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These days customer service, good business practices, and doing the right thing seem to be right out the window.  Occasionally though I find a gem of a business that operates the way I operate.  So, today I submit to you Northern Office Products, my new favorite folks in the Prescott area!

Normally I have everything I could ever need in stock for my print reproduction.  Thousands of dollars in inventory on hand.  Inks out the wazooooo…….well, normally that’s the case.

Since I don’t do too much work on glossy media I wasn’t paying close attention to my gloss enhancer cartridge.  And guess what happened yesterday?  I ran out.  And I didn’t have any on hand.  None.  Best part, I’ve got a huge glossy run to complete for a client.  We’re talking about several hundred square feet of glossy prints.  And no gloss enhancer……..


Well, months ago I started doing business with Northern Office Products.  They matched the online retailers prices and offered delivery to my door.  Very cool.  Since I ran out of the gloss cartridge I faxed over my order, then followed up with a call.  Could it be here in a day?

The answer was a big Yes.  No problems whatsoever.

Whew, saved from my own screw up!  Thank you Northern Office Products!!!!

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