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A late November Photo Trip in Arizona

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The temperatures are cooling off all over the place.  In some parts of the country snow has already shown up.  Winter is just about here.

For smart photographers everywhere, shooting in warmer places sounds like the perfect plan.  Florida, Texas, New Mexico, and even Arizona.  Phoenix is still warmer, so is Tucson.  How about Organ Pipe National Monument?  Yeah, all places to get away from the coming chill.

So, for my birthday trip where did I go?

Well, I didn’t go to any of those warm places.

I went back to Coyote Buttes once again.

It wasn’t warm.


No, the cold weather clothes aren't a prop. 6:30 p.m. near Coyote Buttes. COLD!

As you can see, I was bundled up just a bit.  When the sun went down temperatures plummeted below freezing.  While the sun was up we were seeing 40’s and 50’s, so no problem.  But once the sun was gone……

I brought along the copy of Scott Kelby’s latest book, “The Digital Photography Book Volume III.”  Just received it before the trip.  I’d been waiting for it since the Photo Walk this summer (when it was warm), and got it just last week.  My plan for the trip was to get through the book during the evening down time.  That didn’t work out so well.  The best way to get warm was to zip up in the sleeping bag totally.

Bed time was around 6 p.m.!

You’ll also notice the Hornsby’s Hard cider in the photo.  Worked out that it was too cold even for that.

While I didn’t finish the book yet, I can say this.  Nowhere in Scott Kelby’s latest book does it mention anything about warm photo locations.  For people like me (the lowest common denominator in this case), I’d suggest Scott dedicate a chapter or two in his next installment…….

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    Ah, I usually don’t use my glasses when I read. 🙂 They’re for driving, not walking into things, etc. But when reading the glasses come off.

    And just so you know where they were…..they were hanging from a Velcro strap above me. Don’t want to roll over on them in my sleep.

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    I just sent along a link to Scott’s Photoshop User e-mail address. Hopefully he gets it. I thought it would be a fun shot, and it was. Too bad I had to get out of the sleeping bag to take the camera off of the tripod!

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