Cleaned out the truck

A light flooded Airstream

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This morning waking up was pretty easy.  Unlike Point of Rocks where the rock formations provide a little early morning reprieve from the sunlight, Borrego is wide open.  So, when the sun comes up…….

The Airstream is lit up inside pretty nicely!

Its funny.  When you’re parked in one location the interior of the Airstream looks one way.  Move to another location with different lighting and you quickly find all the places you neglected to dust in your original spot.  So, I suppose to find out every nook and cranny that needs dusting requires constant travel.  Fine by me.

Today I have no idea what will be going on.  Bill & Larry arrived yesterday afternoon, and it’s great to see them again.  Been 5 years since we last met up out here.  I can promise there won’t be any hiking today.  Yesterday I cut my right foot while running through the desert in Chacos.  I know, I know….running through the desert in Chacos?  Yup.  I was chasing a drone……..


Fortunately the drone was recovered after a quarter mile chase, and even more fortunate, I didn’t kick into any chollas along the way, that would have really been miserable .

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