Sunset at the Airstream

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Last night after getting a little food back in me I was ready to have some photographic fun.  And what’s more fun then a sunset?  How about a sunset with an Airstream in it?  Yeah, Airstreams make sunsets better.

In a research study done a long time ago that you can’t look up or verify, so you have to take my word, it was proven beyond a doubt that an Airstream included in a sunset photo was in fact more compelling than a sunset with let’s say an ocean in it.  It was even found that Airstreams and sunsets are more photogenic than baby pandas……



One of the things I missed the most about the West while I was contracting on the East Coast was the sunsets.  The big open sky, the infinite landscapes…..there’s something about a western sunset that just catches my imagination.

I think what was really nice last night was the fact that I wasn’t in a race to get back inside.  It’s been extremely cold in Prescott, and everywhere else for that matter.  Where I am now?  Not so much.  And that means you get to enjoy being outside without 3 layers on to stay warm once the sun goes down.


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