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Elliot's fancy pose.....

Monday, Monday, Monday…….  What was the whole point of heading up to Route 66 with Elliot and Kassi?  I’m figuring by now readers know that Elliot didn’t really run away because I pay in peanuts (I actually do).

I’ve been needing to get out and shoot a few frames.  And being tied to the gallery the past few weeks has left me a little stir crazy.  Called Kassi & Elliot last week and asked them if they wanted a short road trip.  Both said yes.

What I’d wanted to do photographically didn’t happen.  Super windy, freezing, the whole 9 yards.  So the theme that was in my head went right out of my head.  And we ended up improvising.  We also ended up standing in the sun as much as possible to warm up!

Let’s talk a bit about the shot above.  Nothing earth shattering.  We were just getting the lighting dialed in next to the burned out cafe at Twin Arrow.  I was using the Radio Poppers JrX transmitter and receiver.  That meant with high harsh sun I couldn’t shoot faster than 1/250th of a second.  In my opinion, really 1/200th of a second on my 5D II.  This photo?  1/200th, ISO 100, f/8.0.  Canon 580EX II with a Lastolite 24″ EZY Box mounted on my monopod so Kassi could easily move it around.  Didn’t want to use light stands because of the wind.

A high speed sync shot

We also played with High Speed Sync a little.  In the direct and harsh sun I knew I didn’t have a chance.  I wanted to put Elliot on the path up to the old Kamp, and wanted to compress the scene a bit.  Therefore I broke out the 70-200mm L series and setup.  Poppers clearly wouldn’t work for this one, so we gave Canon’s wireless a go.  The shot above was 70mm, ISO 100, f/8.0 at 1/800th of a second.

Gotta say, it was good to get out of town, even if only for a day!

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