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Monsoon SunsetSeveral weeks ago I shared a link to a video created by Zack Arias for “Guest Blog Wednesday” at Scott Kelby’s Site.  Everybody who saw the video agreed with me about it.  Amazing video.  I know a few people who’ve re-watched it when they needed to, me included!

Well, Zack Arias is out there doing more.  Yup, right now he’s got an amazing project that left me thinking a lot about what I’m doing.  Currently Zack is on his third set of website / photography critiques.  Readers have been sending in links to their photo sites / photography and Zack has been kind enough to take his time to look through the sites and critique them.

Let me say this….. I haven’t submitted anything yet.  Heck, after watching the first 3 sets of critiques I think I’ll be spending the next few days revising my main site.  The blog stays the same, it’s a blog.  And the blog relates to my photography, my “tech junkie” life, the new life that was started a few years ago, travel, etc.  It’s definitely not a photo site, although I do include photos.  😉

You might not have noticed the fact I include photos here, but I do!

Starting with Zack’s video “Transform” the other week I’ve asked myself what I’m all about.  Now with his new critique series I’m asking myself even more, “What are you working on?”  So, let’s list it out.

  • First and foremost the main drive at the gallery for me is reproduction work for other artists.  I create fine art prints that match and sometimes rival the original piece brought to me.  Pretty proud of that too.  We’ve been doing great work lately, and I’m happy to say that I have a growing list of happy print clients.  Happy print clients are good print clients.
  • I’m a tech junkie.  Let’s see, used to run national wireless networks, written about mobile tech in magazines and book form, and I blog about that stuff often.
  • Teaching people tech is huge for me as well.
  • Oh yeah, I also enjoy taking fun pictures.  What type of photographer have I become?  I’d say Landscape, Architecture, and “Old Things”.  What type of category is “Old Things?”  There’s the question.  Route 66, old buildings, ghost towns, old cars, etc.  I really don’t know what type of category is that???

So, what should the main website say about me?  Right now it advertises giclee reproduction work at the gallery.  It has a few galleries in my “portfolio.”  That’s about it.  And I haven’t spent much time on it.  The portfolio side on the website sucks and needs work……

The next few days will find me revising the main site.  I think I’ll work on the galleries, and slim down the selection of photos in the galleries.  It will still talk about the print reproduction as well, after all, that’s my bread and butter.  In my case it isn’t bread and butter as I can’t have butter.  So, let’s call it rice chips and soy butter…….

Gotta tell you, the web is great.  I’ve found site’s like Zack Arias’, Scott Kelby, Ben Wilmore, Trey Ratcliff, and more.  They’re all bookmarked and regularly read each day.  They’re all giving me great ideas, and I think I’m learning from them.  You can’t ask for much more!  Isn’t it great how talented people are so willing to share?  Seriously, none of these guys have to do this, but they do!  Big thanks to every one of them!

Check out Zack’s critiques if you have time.  If you’re into photography I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of them!

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  1. I’m glad you are enjoying this. Thank you for putting it to words now… “What am I all about” and now “What am I working on.” I didn’t think it in this way but that is exactly what I’m asking.

    That helps me figure out what my next area of discussi of on will be. Maybe it will be “So, what are you going to do with the things that you are working on?”

    Thanks again!


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    Gotta say, “Transform” really reached many people the other week. I’ve shared it with friends, other business owners, etc. The video spoke to a lot of people. And it got me thinking….

    Your critique project finished out my thinking. One of those “self inspection” type moments, and I’ll be working on it for a while. Big thanks, not just from me, but everyone else who you’re speaking to as well!

  3. I agree with you, what Zack is doing is great. And it was through the comments on his third critique that I came to your site, and after a brief look around, I like what I see. Some really nice work, so I’ll be adding you to my regularly visited sites. Good work.

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    Thanks Craig. I’ll be popping over to check your site out too. Nice to meet you!

    Gotta say, I’m grateful to people like Zack who really take the time to share what they’re doing. Big plus for the net! Here’s hoping that I can add something of use to folks as well as my work develops!

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