A morning of busy work

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That’s the type of morning I’m having.  Several different things going on at once!  Yes, I’m blogging, but other things are going on around me as well.  Since I have to be at work by 11 I’m hoping to wrap everything up shortly.

System Maintenance

Lacie’s Silver Keeper backup program reminded me this morning that it was time to make the backups.  Gosh, that reminds me of the old Dunkin  Donuts commercials, “Time to make the donuts.”

The “bootable backup” portable hard drive was broken out this morning and attached to my Mac.  The backup started without issue, and it’s currently chugging away in the background while I sit here and type.

Thought I had a problem….but……

While the backups are being made I decided to do a little work on the new Flickr Group, AZ Photo Walk.  Chad Banning was kind enough to create a new group icon, so I wanted to pop it into the group’s name.  Pretty easy task.  Resize the image he created and upload it.

Almost immediately after opening Photoshop to do a crop of the image I had a problem.  Photoshop told me it couldn’t verify it’s license, and it didn’t want to open up for me!

Only moments later I noticed that the Adobe Updater was running in the background and doing some work on the Internet.  I hate it when automatic programs don’t tell you they’re up to something.  Photoshop is now working fine after a few updates were installed.  Go figure!

The Airstream Drains

Weeks ago I blogged about needing to deal with the Airstream drains in the back being a bit clogged.  Several suggestions were made, and I investigated them.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find the recommended product, so I kept searching.

The other morning I stopped by True Value Hardware and had a look around.  The guy working in plumbing popped by to see if I needed help and I explained my situation.  He’s always wanted an Airstream, and we got talking about my silver trailer!

Finally after we finished talking about the fun stuff he pointed out a $4 device.  Zip-It.  It’s a little plastic strip with barbs on it.  Push the strip into the drain, pull it out with the clogging gunk on it, and voila!

Ok, I’ve used a little drain catch in the shower, but not in the bathroom sink.  So I expected some stuff in the shower…..but good grief, that catch doesn’t work very well!  Clearly I’m shedding at an alarming rate.  I’m surprised I’m not bald!  Oh, and pulling stuff out of the drains is NASTY!  Yuck!

The drains are now working fine!

Picking up around the Airstream

My final task for the morning is the big one.  Picking up and re-organizing once more.  It’s pretty easy to make the Airstream look neat.  Small space you know.  The real issue is finding places for all of my stuff.

I’ve been full timing for more than 2 years you know.  Stuff accumulates, as I’ve often mentioned.  Books are stacked in several closets, more clothes are in the Airstream than I started with, extra devices are now here too….Hey, I love my Dyson Vacuum even though it takes a ton of room!  🙂

Did I mention the two rubber maid containers full of books under the Airstream?  Yeah, more books there.  The best part?  When I started my Airstream Full-Timing I didn’t have all of these books.  Guess I’ve got a book addiction…..

Outside the Airstream

I’ve also got a few tasks around the Airstream.  What are they?

  • Check the tire pressure.  Even though I’m parked I still want to make sure the tires are at the right pressure.
  • Reset the levelers.  See, if I have to put more air into the tires I might have to change the levelers after.
  • Drain the gray & black tanks.  That seems to occur every 4 – 6 days.  Standard RV stuff.
  • Move the Rubber Maids full of books further under the trailer.  I’ve noticed the sun shines on them a lot.  Don’t want the books to fade or get too cooked.
  • Evict the latest round of spiders.
  • Sweep my little porch area.  Did you know I have an oak right next to the Airstream?  Acorns keep dropping.

After all that, time to get ready for work.

Ok all, I’m off.  Oh, and dishes are waiting too!  😛

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