The Global Photo Walk Winners

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I just popped by Scott Kelby’s blog.  I do that every morning.

I can’t believe it, but the winners have already been selected.  And the winners clearly deserve to be called such!  Amazing photos one and all.

Follow the link over to Photoshop Insider and take a look for yourself.  I think you’ll be wowed and then you’ll probably be wowed some more!

Sorting through all of the local photos here was a tough job.  Seeing what was submitted to Scott Kelby for the final evaluation told me one thing.  I’m glad I’m not him.  237 shots to sort through, all amazing in their own right.  How can you pick only 10.  Personally I wanted to submit nearly 20 photos from our walk.  Getting down to 1 was painful.

Glad I didn’t have to judge it!  I think my head would have exploded!

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