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Yesterday I read with interest that MPix had upgraded their website.  We’re now at MPix 2.0.  After reading about some of their changes I stopped by the website to have a look for myself.

I’ve known MPix was making some changes in the near future, but I hadn’t bothered checking what has changed.  Why?  I haven’t needed new prints in the last few weeks.  I’ve already gotten tons of print through MPix, and I’ll be ordering again when I’m slim on my larger format prints.

Sure enough, the new improvements to the MPix website are substantial.  A new look, new feel, easier to manage.  I like it!  I like it a lot.

One improvement that caught my attention was Zenfolio.  What is Zenfolio?  I didn’t know either, but I clicked the link to check them out.

Zenfolio is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  The site helps photographers resell their work, and they utilize to do the actual prints.  Finally, an answer to one of my major questions.  “How to sell photos on the internet in a reasonable way, and not have to handle shipping, etc?”

After checking out the Zenfolio site for a while I decided I’d sign up and try it out.  Surprising how easy the site is, and how user friendly the interface worked out to be.

If you’ve ever wanted to share and sell your own prints you might want to check out Zenfolio.  I’ve given up on ImageKind, and I’ve selected Zenfolio as my online printer.  Knowing the type of product I receive from MPix I know customers will love using both services.

Oh, the one and only drawback I’ve found….  If people order prints and have them framed, the frames do not have glass in them.  So, the picture is mounted, framed, and ready to hang.  But no glass in front of the image.  Personally that’s why I marked the framed prints well below what we do at the gallery.  The framing done at is good, just thought I’d tell you about that one minor glitch!

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