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A new day

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Well, decisions have been made.  In a few weeks time will be freed up and I’ll be spending the majority of my time at the gallery.

It’s nice to have things finalized!  What a relief!

A good friend of mine who likes reading horoscopes sent something along yesterday for me.  She’s a scientist who really diggs astrology.  Odd combination, but true.  What she sent to me was the following…..

It’s a day of endings and beginnings as the Moon enters your transformative sign. But don’t expect something new to pop up as soon as the old is acknowledged. This is not about sudden change, but rather the process of metamorphosis that happens after the completion of one phase and before the birth of the next.

What’s happening over the next few weeks will not be sudden, and it will be a transistion.  So, her note really fit for the day!

In the end this means the blog will be busier once again.  Maybe even a few new photos…..

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  1. Congratulations!

    And…I hope you’re not suggesting that Astrology isn’t a science…cause’, my mom’s been studying it since before I was born…and there’s still a million things to know.

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